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About Us

The Ringwood Companies have made a name for themselves in the corrugated industry with Ringwood starch adhesive equipment. With facilities worldwide Ringwood has equipment in over 500 plants in more than 30 countries. Our on-going commitment to provide you with the latest technology and the most complete service and support in the corrugated industry, has made Ringwood the premier supplies of starch adhesive equipment for the corrugated industry.

In 2005 Ringwood Companies partnered with Duecker/Corrpal. Duecker/Corrpal was founded in 1996. Since then they have installed hundreds of automated systems and become known as a world leader in material handling for the corrugated industry.

Now Ringwood Material Handling proudly builds these proven systems under license for the North American market. This combination of proven equipment and dedication to the corrugated industry make Ringwood Material Handling the obvious choice for your material handling needs.

For more information about how Ringwood Material Handling can help your company, contact us by email or call (708) 458-6000.

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