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The System

Material Handling ConveyorRingwood Material Handling offers a comprehensive approach to automating the discharge of your finishing machine. We spend the time to get to know you and your business. Taking into account your plant, product mix and budget, Ringwood Material Handling will customize a palletizer that fits your needs.

The RMH Palletizer is a completely modular system. So if your needs change down the road, new features can be added without losing your initial investment. Some of the available modules are:

Conveyor Video
  • Centering Conveyor
  • Turntable
  • Tie Sheet Insertion System
  • Bottom Sheet Insertion System
  • Layer Inverter
  • Layer Doubler
  • Pallet Insertion System
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Material Handling ConveyorMaterial Handling Conveyor

Capable of building virtually any pattern, RMH palletizers gently and efficiently move your product along on our STABILTRACK® modular plastic belt conveyor. STABILTRACK® conveyor is perfect for handling small or unstable material. The long life, low maintenance and ease of repair make it a perfect choice for your production floor.

Unit quality from the Ringwood Material Handling palletizer is unmatched. The combination of powered layer depositing, four-sided squaring and squaring between layers produces tight consistent loads.

Material Handling ConveyorMaterial Handling Conveyor

For more information about how Ringwood Material Handling can design a system to increase your productivity, please contact us.

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